About Us


Welcome to CatsOnTap, a community dedicated to the visual adoration of cats with craft beers.

Since December 18, 2013, the mission of CatsOnTap is to unite a community of craft beer fans through pictures and stories of cats posing with beers and working cats in breweries, bars, pubs, and liquor stores. We influenced and popularized the hashtag #beercat on social media in order to actively engage, entertain, and educate our community on beer-related news and highlight #beercat related products and events.

Overall, we want to foster an interactive community where people who are just as passionate about cats and craft beer can digitally congregate and share their own #beercat adventures. 


#beercat Rosie

Breed: Russian Blue mix

Nickname: Ro-Ro

Likes: dried chicken treats, paper bags, chasing Milly around the house, and IPAs

Dislikes: strangers and loud knocks at the door


#beercat Milly

Breed: domestic short hair

Nickname: Meatball (parm)

Likes: wet food, catnip, being outdoors, clean laundry, and pale ales

Dislikes: vacuum cleaner, plastic bags, and getting her wet food after 6PM


The humans

Caroline + Nicholas

Likes: cats, travel, experiencing new foods and cultures, baseball, getting schwifty, and supporting independent craft beer

Dislikes: skunky beers, blurry pictures